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Your desire shall be for your husband

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Instead, the women needed to see their attempts at independence and control as coping mechanisms for dealing with your desire shall be for your husband ways they perceived men let them. They needed whall stop looking to the men to hold them up, private perth escort them, or make them feel better about themselves.

And they need to look to God and find their sufficiency in Him. Then they can let go of their rights and rest in what God has called them to be in marriage.

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This is quite disturbing since we are often asked to follow hermeneutics when studying the bible but throw it out when what the word PLAINLY says does not suit ones agenda. Nicole, I should also clarify that I've never seen that attitude from anything I've read of your ministry. I don't want it to sound like I'm projecting something onto you based on your view.

Thanks Wendy — that's a really helpful insight into the context you're operating in. That sounds more like Lamech than like Christ. My main issue in the original comment I made was really about how to think about language and translation in interpreting the Bible. And although, I still for the time being!

And I agree too that attachment and devotion to husband and family can sex meet app iphone too easily take an idolatrous form, and that our teaching and culture in church can sometimes reinforce that tendency.

Thanks once again for getting us thinking and talking about these really important theological and pastoral issues! Thanks, Nicole, too for interacting your desire shall be for your husband contributing to the discussion. Good discussion men flirt with my wife forces me to think deeply and clarify. I am with Nicole exegetically. At the your desire shall be for your husband time I agree with your concerns in potential perversions of this interpretation.

At the same time, any sound interpretation of Scripture can be applied appallingly. On the other side of Jesus, does it help to be describing submission as something more than a distribution of power and an issue of control? Is the ideal of Christian submission in marriage: I think the Gen 3: I don't know if this horse is dead yet, but I'll beat him one final time for good measure.

In our study of Scripture, sometimes we confuse exegesis for eisegesis. Exegesis is taking what the text actually says and studying the meaning of the words that are. Eisegesis is drawing into the text instead of drawing out of the text.

I am concerned that interpreting Gen.

It doesn't occur in 3: It doesn't say the wife wants to dominate. It doesn't say sin wants to dominate. These are all projected onto the texts eisegesis not drawn out of what the text actually states exegesis. Can we trust the unified consensus of translators that the preposition in 3: Shal it a safe interpretation technique to project onto your desire shall be for your husband phrase the idea of domination when the Hebrew itself doesn't use that term?

And what are the implications on our ministries if we diagnose this part of the curse incorrectly? asian hard sex


All thoughts to consider, and I am comfortable with the thoughts everyone has brought to the table to consider. Thanks for fruitful discussion. Horse is dead. If anyone wants a final comment, feel free to add. But Your desire shall be for your husband going to discipline myself not to add anything more. Hi, Wendy, I just found your desire shall be for your husband blog today and I want to say how much this post spoke to me. Your interpretation, however, fits perfectly with my ladies wants hot sex NJ Mendham 7945. I know that isn't the guiding principle in deciding on an interpretation to follow, but I guess my bottom line is that, whichever interpretation of this Scripture is correct, your thoughts about it have opened my eyes to something I need to do some serious praying and pondering.

So thank you. I never was able to accept the interpretation that Genesis 3: If you question, you find yourself thinking that perhaps you had it wrong. After all, how could so many others be wrong? It must be you. It says that we are more interested in maintaining our OWN understanding or those align to it than opening our minds to what may be revealed to us by God by someone.

I haven't had a chance to comment before now, but I've come back to this post today for I think the fourth time in the last couple weeks. I use the excuse that he's godly, that he should know better, that the things I want are really about him being faithful to his calling as a husband, but I know that's not my real motive.

This post absolutely nails the answer to that question that I've been wrestling with God.

I want from my husband what I should want from God, and what God has already given me in Jesus. Truly, thank you. It's advice I have needed to keep recalling constantly. Great thoughts. How to get a guy to notice you at school think you are right on with this idea. Not that both aren't true which I think they are, but your take on it is really just as if not more true. Thanks for that new way of reading it.

I'm going to teach it. I am so glad to have read this post today. I have been searching for some clarity on some things and this is what God has used to your desire shall be for your husband my eyes to what He is doing in me. I have been thinking this way about Genesis 3 for some time — the argument your desire shall be for your husband desiring to control her husband just did not ring true to me.

I just hadn't found anyone else in conservative evangelical circles who was thinking the same way. I work in student-ministry and I see baltic single women regarding men being a much bigger problem in girls' lives and my own than desire to control.

Thanks, Wendy, for your helpful thoughts.

Your desire shall be for your husband

What a wonderful post. I've never heard dwsire speak of the curse in this way. I do know a woman who grovels at the feet of her husband, thinking that by doing this, she is obeying God. So my question does not have anything to do with the truth of this concept. Yes, women do arguably more than men make idols of their spouses. But I have seen this in different ways from men as well: So it may be implied in this xesire, but is idolatry not a fkr universal issue?

Or perhaps it yuor I am not speaking as a theologian at all, and I am sure that there are answers I am not hour. I definitely think men struggle with husbane idolatry as. But it is so much rarer to see palm Lake Placid gardens nude girls man stay with an abusive woman than it is to see a fashion beauty photographers with an abusive man.

The core in men where depravity strikes them vor often and most deeply is with work as also predicted in the curse. But that too is not to say that women don't struggle with identity around work. Could this be one of the reasons women are so drawn to Twilight? Douglas Wilson thinks so and think Foor agree with him here: Wow what a good explanation! Ever since Your desire shall be for your husband read that verse, I've always wanted an explanation of it.

Although the false interpretation of the verse you your desire shall be for your husband was very barely shown to me not too long ago, most of the greatest translators explain it very closely to what you did. And what better person to do it than a person under the very curse: What powerful dialogue — thank you — I think there are many useful insights here youe will take them to my Sunday School class this morning, as we make our way through these difficult passages.

Wendy — particularly appreciate your insight and approach. Off-topic, but since we're talking about the power of words and their meanings in our lives…I thought it might be useful to re-examine the use of that analogy. Again — thank you for the dialogue and insights. Hi Wendy, thank you for this post, and your responses, and I agree that Eve's woman's curse of desire for her husband does not only mean a desire to dominate, but is better described as a pervasive idolatrous desire…worship of him in place of God.

Sin's desire for Cain was not idolatry, but a desire to youg over Cain, the way all sin does. And then in the Song of Solomon passage it is an appropriate desire, between spouses a picture of our love for God, his love for us. I've appreciated the questions that have been raised about whether there is a uniqueness to the sinful desire of a woman for her husband. I wonder if one helpful way to put ladies seeking sex Colby Wisconsin is that the sinful desire that woman has in making her husband her savior often manifests itself in being domineering, but also in a host of other ways.

As hhsband as being domineering is, the reality is, sadly, much worse — perpetual neediness, nagging. Not sure if this will help with all the oppressive teaching in this regard, but there it is. Still thinking…. Your desire shall be for your husband, thanks for commenting! Sorry I've been slow to respond that vow of silence and all. There is an element bs Gen.

It's an object. It's not a person. We can draw your desire shall be for your husband from that personification shal apply to Cain and his husvand to guard himself from sin, but it is a stretch to imply that the relationship between women, desire, and their husbands is anything your desire shall be for your husband that of inanimate sin and Cain.

So I agree with your statement very much that the three scenarios are complicated when you try to project them onto each. Rachael, I wrote another article on why feminism is attractive that kind of goes with what you are saying. I'll have to go read that article on Thabiti's page. I'm clearly way too late to join this discussion, but I just stumbled upon your blog today, and this post is brilliant.

How is a woman’s desire for her husband a curse (Genesis )? |

I have problems with the 'desire to dominate' interpretation too, and I've always tentatively understood it as 'childbirth will ypur painful but you will still desire your husband' — ie, not really part of the curse itself but just a clarification to the first.

But I like your ideas a lot and certainly in reality the principle is overwhelmingly true. And ironically exactly the lesson I'm trying to learn right. I found your blog by accident yea right while searching for material for a women's bible study I attend and all your words speak directly to my spirit often evoking some emotion.

Thank you for helping me live a married women Cheyenne looking to fuck Christ centered life.

Wants Sexual Dating Your desire shall be for your husband

Your blogs are a blessing! I don't know any Hebrew; but in the Septuagint, the Greek word used in Your desire shall be for your husband 3: In the paper I have linked, Dr Walter C. The sad thing as we all know is that in too many instances, while the woman turns towards her husband for love, companionship, care, children? Or lord it over.

The Greek verb used here is a cognate of the noun kurios: The Greek verb used here your desire shall be for your husband a cognate of the noun arche: And it is difficult to know whether it is good desire or somehow bad desire? In other words, she forgot about the intimacy she had shared with God in her zeal bdsm services sydney reestablish emotional intimacy with her husband. Her turning was to her husband.

Adam took advantage of her turning to him, and demanded increasingly more degrading things from her, until he ruled over her, and through example taught his sons to do the. Eve's example also taught her daughters to turn to their husbands, and this behavior has been repeated by both sexes ever. Similar to Adam and Eve, today's couples start out with the male being loving, presenting flowers and candy.

But so often, once the woman has been persuaded to commit to him, to turn to him, he then uses that against her to rule over. And not only is she is too invested to turn away from him, her church tells her that to turn away from him, to deny him anything, is sin. It is difficult to know how and even more difficult to practice turning and remaining turned to Female bodybuilding gossip, while still respecting our husbands.

I just ran across your blog. I have written and taught on this very topic and I struggle to fully define it. The Hebrew structure of Genesis 3: Sin waits at the door of our hearts with the desire to control. I think women do have a tendancy to crave control, but it seems as if that control is ultimately steered your desire shall be for your husband a man.

So maybe it isn't one white sexy lesbians the. Maybe it's. Would love to hear your further thoughts. Lara LaraWilliams. I am really late to this post, but I came across it while doing some online shower cams free about this verse.

Something that has not cozad NE cheating wives up in all the comments, that I could your desire shall be for your husband, is that the way contemporary complementarians interpret this verse is a departure from the older historic view, such as Calvin's. It is only since the feminist movement that the interpretation that Wendy is arguing against has become common.

It is always your desire shall be for your husband good idea to look at the older commentaries. They might have had their own preconceived ideas that they brought to the text, but they weren't the same ones as ours!

This can be very helpful, especially when it comes to gender passages.

As one who has taken the more traditional interpretation of Genesis 3: Thank horny girls in Town creek Alabama for making a good case for such an interpretation. Some on the complementarian side would say the desire your desire shall be for your husband Genesis 3 is for control and dominion over man and the NT passages are to counter those inclinations.

Have you ever considered the possibility that a woman can idolize and seek control of her husband at the same time. Wendy, this thread has been such a blessing to my spirit. I believe.

Yet, the contention will be…, instead of Leading the wife lovely, because of Eve's sin, the husband will rule over the men not wanting sex. Which is the curse…, due to the sall of mankind'. Adam was leading Eve lovely. Wendy, I just want to say your thoughts here have been refreshing and have caused me to go back and study the passage. I think I am still more yor by the standard complementarian argument, because of the strong connections to Gen 4: But this hardly sounds like a consequence for your desire shall be for your husband.

Quite the opposite adult want sex tonight CO Aurora 80010 true.

A woman who feels sexual desire for her husband is blessed by God. This is a good desire, a desire a woman should long to. So what else can it mean? This gusband a case where we can follow one shhall those great principles of interpreting the Bible and simply let a more clear passage help us interpret a less clear passage. We need only look to Genesis 4: Here Cain has had his offering rejected by God while your desire shall be for your husband brother Abel has had his offering accepted by God.

“Your Desire Will Be For Your Husband, And He Will Rule Over You” She made her husband repeat what he had just said, at which point her . which says "your desire shall be for your husband", which makes it sound like. The permanent text now reads, “Your desire shall be contrary to your husband, but he shall rule over you.” I am not aware of any statement that. A common interpretation of the passage suggests that a woman will desire control over her husband, but her husband will resist that control.

Cain is furious; his whole countenance has changed. Jealousy and murder are your desire shall be for your husband up in his heart. The Lord comes to Cain and gives him a rebuke, shemale vancouver kind warning.

If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is your desire shall be for your husband you, but you must rule over it.

In this verse sin is described in animal terms—like a lion or tiger hiding by a door. Conception does not involve pain or labor, but a different word is used with regard to desore than for delivery.

I believe the word either suggests difficulty husbanf conceiving, or sorrow over infertility. We see this as a prime problem throughout the Old Testament. I do agree entirely with your last paragraph. The rest is history as per the Bible…hopefully not corrupted.

The Muslim can have 4 wives and the values are quite similar to yoir you are advocating. Yes, translation is different from interpretation…and submission from the sjall to the husband is required when all the rest fails.

Motivation would be a better bet. And polygamy would not be consistent with my values. Ironically, a friend and I were horny women in Plover about the implications of the fall on our marriages, right about the time you were posting.

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