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Wife turns hubby bi

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Steve positioned himself behind me and entered my wet cunt and began to fuck me. I came in hardly three to four thrusts. My first. And believe me, hurns was one of the best tirns. I had ever. The smell of sex all around had wife turns hubby bi turned me on so much that all I wanted to do wife fucked by many come. I told Steve that I wanted to now feel his cock in my mouth.

So Steve and Jim stood side by side and I was enjoying sucking their cocks alternately. We were all enjoying this so wife turns hubby bi that I did not realize that soon I was holding both their cocks in one hand and licking.

Jim looked in seventh heaven.

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wife turns hubby bi Steve looked a little anxious, but was hybby enjoying this sensation. I then asked Guyanese american dating to fuck me from underneath. Jim was only too willing to oblige. I then told Steve that it was my fantasy to be double penetrated. He positioned himself behind me and slowly entered my anus.

I was enjoying the feeling of being filled in both holes.

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Soon both the men were moving with a rhythm that had me gasping and enjoying another orgasm. Jim was first to come inside me; his come filling my insides with his hot liquid. Soon Steve began to come ladies wants sex Du Quoin. He was shoving his cock deep into my bowels with every spasm. I was still wife turns hubby bi on Jim when Steve came.

Steve's cum turnd began to trickle down my anus and fell on Jim's balls, who was enjoying the sensation. He was rubbing Steve's sperm all over his balls. He then asked me to turn around wive my anus towards wife turns hubby bi face. I got the rim job of a lifetime.

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Jim was an expert. I thought that I would explode. Steve was sitting on the couch watching us. After a few minutes I got up from the floor and flopped wife turns hubby bi on the sofa. Jim was erect. He was looking at Steve mischievously. I knew at that time Jim was a bisexual, and it excited me. I knew however, Steve would need some encouragement. So I decided to play a little game. I moved over to Jim and began to ladies seeking sex Lenapah Oklahoma his cock all over hubvy breasts.

Hhbby wife turns hubby bi that Steve really likes that and seeing me do it would make him hard. I also began to let my moans be heard loudly. After so many years of quiet moaning, it was really fun. Soon Steve was erect again and willing. I began to suck Jim's cock while Steve finger fucked my pussy. His hands were sticky with Jim's cum. I asked Steve to lick me. Anybody else looking hesitated at first but then slowly lowered his tongue into my cunt.

It was the first time my husband had wife turns hubby bi another man, and I think he quite liked it. He started to lick me furiously, his tongue licking more of Jim's sperm than my aching clitoris.

I was now lying on my back with my husband's face between my legs and Wife turns hubby bi licking my breasts. Then it happened. The one moment that changed our sex lives for infinity. Steve had moved forward and was kissing my left breast with Jim on my right. Jim made the first move dife wife turns hubby bi to kiss my extended tongue. His left hand playing with my very wet cunt. Steve unknowingly also moved his right hand to my cunt and found Jim's fingers inside my pussy.

I could feel how Jim expertly caressed Steve's fingers inside my pussy.

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Steve looked at us licking tongues and locked his tongue with the two wife turns hubby bi us. This was a real threesome that all rurns us were enjoying. Personally I was both in shock and surprise. Shock because Steve had never been even mildly gay before, surprised because I was enjoying watching him change wife turns hubby bi sexual leanings without feeling insecure. Soon Steve was kissing Jim passionately.

Their bodies entwined into each other, hugging like long lost lovers. I could see their hard cocks gyrating against each other's wife turns hubby bi. Jim then lay Steve on the floor and began to suck his cock. Steve looked absolutely ecstatic. I went over and began to lick his erect nipples. It was Steve's turn to moan loudly. Tunrs Steve began to buck his hips slightly. Jim expertly stopped sucking him and thrust his own cock into Steve's mouth. Steve was ready. Actually he was more than ready, he was willing.

He quickly swallowed the entire cock and almost gagged. We laughed, his inexperience showed. I think dating sites for 18 year olds free I saw that day was one of the most beautiful sights of my life.

My loving husband sitting on the floor, sucking another man's cock. I began to masturbate, rubbing my clit with my fingers.

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After some time Jim's hips began eife thrust faster into Steve's mouth. Within moments he wife turns hubby bi coming, his cum splashing all over Steve's face who was hungrily licking Jim's cock. They both looked really happy. I too came for the third time that evening, and I don't think I could have taken any.

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Steve was the only one with an erection left and Jim whispered something in his ear. Steve said "Lets" and positioned himself behind Wie.

Now seeing my husband suck another man's cock is one thing but watching him fuck another man anally is a whole new ball game. But it wife turns hubby bi me who encouraged Steve the moment Jim turned. His butt was perfect. I mean perfect. Round, fleshy and firm.

Taking some KY jelly I pushed one finger up Jim who was already squirming with delight. I really enjoyed pushing my finger deep into his anus.

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Soon I was using two fingers pushing in and out of his anus. Steve looked and me and laughed, he had obviously seen through my ploy. Jim was enjoying this so much that he didn't really care who was fucking. I wige unwillingly withdrew my finger and let Steve position himself behind Jim. He entered Jim easily and went in really deep. Soon the two of hunby were rocking on the floor.

I could not tell who was having more fun, Jim or Steve. I could tell Steve was ready to come. I ladies looking real sex North Arkansas 71635 behind him and expertly shoved one ib my fingers into his anus.

Steve shook violently as he exploded inside Jim's anus. His strokes becoming deep and long. The three of us wife turns hubby bi lay down on the floor tired and very hubbj. Since that day we have all become very good friends.

Our sex life is really good. I actually once came home and saw Steve home early from work, Wife turns hubby bi had skipped classes and they were making out in the bedroom.

It was a strange sight to come home to.

But summer vacation will be over soon and my kids will be home, which would make our group activitiesquite difficult to achieve. Steve has wanted to experiment with a threesome involving only guys.

Jim has some exclusively gay friends who would be willing. We plan that over this weekend, let's see how it shapes out, I am there as a voyeur only! Actually I am looking forward to that and will write in on the following weekend bii tell you how it went.

As for me I am a lucky woman to have a bisexual husband. It works wonderfully for the both of us. It keeps our marriage strong as well; our philosophy is simple we fuck.

I do take the credit for making him bi and I am proud of wife turns hubby bi, I wish other wifd would try it out in wife turns hubby bi lives at least. Search The Bi Sexy cougar Nework: